S.Y. Cha Patent Office was founded in 1953 by S.Y. Cha, a former comptroller of the Korean Patent Office, after his return from the United States where he earned a doctorate in law from Yale University. Specializing in handling patent and trademark matters of foreign companies, S.Y. Cha Patent Office is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most reputable patent law firms in Korea.
We handle trademark, copyright, and patent protection, opposition, enforcement, and licensing matters throughout KOREA and around the world. Over the past 60 years, we have developed a network of experienced, reliable, and cost-efficient local counsel and agents. We are not tied to any particular law firm or lawyer in KOREA.



S.Y.CHA PATENT OFFICE has more than sixty years’ experience dedicated to obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights for our clients.



At S.Y.CHA PATENT OFFICE, we believe that invention, discovery, and creativity serve the greater good and deserve public protection and private reward.



S.Y.CHA PATENT OFFICE is recognized for 65 years of professional excellence and intellectual property experience.